Monday, March 22, 2010

More 'handmade'

Evening all ~

It's been a fairly exhausting day for me. I spent a number of hours at the hospital today - thanks Trish for sitting with me and making myself and all the staff laugh. More x-rays, cutting off the horrid back slab cast I've had on for just over a week (very happy to see that one go), bit of a chat with the specialist about options, pros and cons etc. The decision we made today was to avoid surgery at this stage - apparently there are no guarantees that the surgery and bone grafting will fix my wrist any more than waiting will.

So I now have a 'fancy' blue waterproof cast on. It's much lighter than the other one - thankfully! It's slightly lower on my hand too which gives me a little more four finger movement - yay! Review is in four weeks and I am under STRICT instruction not to scratch any itches with a knitting needle ARGGHHHHH how is that going to be possible. If I do I will puncture the lining (which cost me $37 strangely) and it defeats the whole purpose as I'll no longer be waterproof. I'm so looking forward to showering without all the fuss, bagging up and one armed washing I've been doing to date.

I have to say I feel happier tonight than I have since I broke the silly thing. Bit more freedom too because I get to lose the sling for a few hours at a time AND I am able to reduce the nasty pain meds.

Downside to it all is that I'm not likely to ever get the same movement back in my wrist and will have to learn to live with the limited movement I end up wth. Was truly hoping this wouldn't be the case and even expressed to the Dr that I MUST be able to craft again soon lol. Oh well, could be worse I guess.

Here is another pic of some handmade cards I received for my birthday. Unfortunately I haven't had time today to photograph BFF's card, so that will have to wait for now.

The card on the left was made by Tanya K and the Razzleberry card on the right is from Carole S - notice some new goodies there? Ah huh there is a new mini due for release on 1 April. A major perk being a SU! demo is getting to see all the new goodies a month ahead of time and being able to pre-order and play. I'm still looking at my pre order bits and pieces :o( they arrived about the same day I had my fall.

I hope to be back tomorrow and may even share a pic of my 'fancy' new cast - while it's new and clean lol.

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  1. Mornin Treesie!!

    Hmmmmmmmm that is not real good news in the wrist front is it? You will be able to stamp again though right???

    So glad though that you feel a little more independent - thats fantastic!

    Just love those handmade cards you got so deserve to be spoilt on your special day!

    Luv K


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