Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Treat Gift Packaging

Hi friends ~

A short and sweet post from me today. I've got an assortment of bags and bits to show you that I've been stashing away the past few days. Most I've found on the web in one form or another, and one is a Becky Roberts tutorial. None have been embellished with tags yet, as I'm not sure where some of these will end up :o)

It's trying really hard to storm here in Canberra this afternoon so the bright sunshine of earlier has been replaced by dull and darkening clouds, therefore hampering my photographic skills - yeah right like that's a factor lol.

Most of my items look a bit bland without their ribbons and tags and funky little embellishments. I hope to have time to take more pics once they're dressed up and on their way to their new homes sometime next month.

Above is a cute little baggie made from two of the Scallop Envelopes. Fits a few choccies perfectly.

Another couple of the Tucked Away boxes in Old Olive and Real Red. Love these for Lindt Balls.

This little bag isn't in Christmas colours because I was using scraps to test it out for size. This will fit all sorts of girlie things - hair clips, lip gloss, choccies...and it's fastened with velcro so can be used over and over.

Those of you who follow Inking Idaho will have seen this cute little bag before. I love how vibrant it is in red! I have some 60ml bottles of Body Shop goodies to pop in here.

This one holds a few cards and envelopes - 4-5 in fact with room to spare. I had to adjust the length of the box slightly to be sure it would fit the Australia/New Zealand A5/C6 card size. It's all one piece with the base and lid attached so it flips open.

Above is a fantastic Christmas Cracker (or Bon Bon) that Delys Cram designed. Delys made a tutorial for the Helping Hudson Christmas Bundle a few months back. You can fit all sorts in here, and how gorgeous to decorate your tree with a few of these.

Speaking of trees, Gorgeous Kid has been champing at the bit and at me constantly about putting the Christmas tree up early. I must say I'm not so keen to drag it all out and make a big mess so keep putting him off with "you know we don't do it until 1 December". He very righteously comes back with "well that's a school day". So we've bantered back and forth and negotiated that tomorrow is the day! He's still going on about it ... I'm sure it's the same in most houses at this time of the year. I do love the excitement he shows so I shouldn't be fussed with the 'chore' of it all really.

Right now I need to rescue my washing from the line before it starts pouring. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Hey there chicki!

    All I can say is WOW!!! You are so good for having all this done. I haven't made a thing apart from stuff for Maddys birthday party next weekend!

    LOVE that embossing folder you've used on the card box! I am so gonna get that one of these days!

    All your goodies are just beautiful - GO YOU!

    Luv K

  2. haha u crack me up! This is an awesome post - a one-stop-shop for Christmas gift ideas! Thanks for taking some of the hard work out for me to decide what to make!
    Charlotte's been on at me to put the tree up but we're gonna wait til the 1st just cos I'm a mean mummy and can do what I want!

  3. My gosh you've been a busy bee haven't you!!! You are so good with all the off the page stuff. I just love every one of them :)

  4. Wow Patrice, I wish I was as organised as you! These projects are fantastic and I great resource I plan to come back to again and again when I need 3D ideas. Well done you!

    PS: My daughter is 16 and still wanted to put the Tree up early! I don't think they grow out of it until they leave home - then it's just not the same!

  5. I love your Christmas-y Scallop Envelope bags-too cute!

  6. You have been super busy Patrice they are all gorgeous, lucky people who get these gifts (but you are way to organised I haven't done one thing for Christmas)

  7. Busy,busy girl!! - Gorgeous stuff to inspire!!

  8. These are all adorable Patrice. I especially love the little baggie and poinsettia flower. I need to make some of those soon I think!


  9. Wow, how busy have you been and how organised are you! We're putting our Christmas tree up on the weekend before my mum can get stuck into me for taking too long :)

  10. I are far too organised Patrice! Love all of your projects..will be CASEing a few too!


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