Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Catch Up, A Card From BFF - and a CASE

Wow, Thursday already ~

I said I would tell you all about why last week was so busy for me. On the Wednesday my beautiful BFF flew down from Brisbane for a few days. We went to dinner at Hogs Breath in the City (gorgeous kid's choice) and pigged out totally. BFF has piccies but I made her swear never to share - you know that massive dessert for two (8 scoops of ice cream, mud cake ... you get the picture) suffice to say we did NOT look so good digging into that. And I'm complaining about my weight gain ... go figure.

Friday night we had planned on crafting together but after a spot of shopping we decided to vege in front of the tv in our pjs! Bliss!

Saturday morning I headed off to Sydney with another friend for the Jersey Boys show that night, while BFF stayed in Canberra for a wedding. The fun started with us arriving at our hotel in the City with no wrong turns, it was a perfect trip through the mad Sydney traffic - which incidentally I love. Cracked a couple of bottles of bubbles, went out and did the girlie thing and had our hair done. Dressed ourselves up beautifully and headed off to The Ivy for dinner before the show.

Bit of excitement now ... heading out of one of the bars or restaurants near The Ivy, or perhaps The Ivy itself was Ronan Keating. We three girls stopped and chatted with him. He was very gracious and looks and sounds exactly as he does on tv - he's quite a small guy. So dinner was had then off to the show. WOW - it was great, terrific story, fabulous music, love love loved it. If you get the opportunity to go then do! I highly recommend it.

A wee tad more excitement on Sunday, whilst shopping near Pitt Street my friend and I literally bumped shoulders with Guy Sebastian. He was trying to look very low key I think - he had that knitted beanie thing happening, daggy baggy trackies ... we didn't stop him for a chat :o)

Now back to reality ... today I'm off to have an MRI on my wrist. Not looking forward to it at all, but it has to be done. Next week I see my fracture Dr for the results and where to next. I'm noticing less pain less often now that the weather is warming up. It does feel strange on rainy days though, and normally that wouldn't be much of an issue in Canberra but we've had more rain than usual this year - that's a good thing of course.

Bit of show and tell now ... BFF made me this lovely card and inside wrote the most beautiful words - as she does.

I rather liked the simplicity of her card and CASEd it in different colours. I don't think my bow is nearly as neat lol. This bright and cheery card is going to a lovely friend who took care of my pets while I was away last weekend.

That's about it, I'm sure you're over reading all my news :o)

Have a happy Thursday and I hope to be back sometime soon with something else to show you. Take care!


  1. Mornin P!

    Literally 5 mins ago I got your text that you sent yesterday arvy.......hope you're feelin better today!

    Sounds like you had a fabo weekend - I'd love to do something like that!

    Love your card and isn't Trishie just the sweetest thang!??

    Luv K

  2. What a great weekend, Jersey boys is amazing I just loved it and love your friends card and your case of it, will have to buy some of that DSP I think

  3. news is always good!!! And sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!!! That is awesome! And gorgeous cards - I love the brightness of the yellow - such a sunshine-y colour hey! Great job! :)

  4. I'm still full from that MASSIVE dessert!!!!!! But it was so tasty.

    I love getting my hair done, nothing like the feeling of a great hairdo.

    I can't take all the cred for that card - I forgot to mention on my blog that we made a very similar card at Adele's catty launch party. So that was my inspiration.

  5. What a fabulous few days, Patrice; I'm sure those happy memories will keep you smiling for quite some time to come. Time spent with friends is so good for the soul, isn't it? Love Trish's card to you, and love your CASE of it - just gorgeous.


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