Sunday, December 12, 2010

A CD Case - a la Keesh

Happy Sunday everyone ~

It's been a bit quiet on the blog front lately because I've been back at the hospital having some treatment on my wrist and it put my whole arm out of action again for a few days (they've been injecting steroids - ewwwwwww it wasn't nice having multiple needles in my hand/wrist). I have to say I wasn't very brave either!

I'm not sure I updated following my MRI a few weeks back ... fair bit of damage in there still, although the bones have healed beautifully, the ligaments/tissue/whatever is grating against each other (causing pain and lack of movement) and the only fix is to have wire put in. I see the Specialist in the new year.

Anyway enough of that I've got stuff to show you ... it is my darling Grandmother's 86th birthday just after Christmas, and well by that age there isn't really very much you need. So I got her the latest Susan Boyle CD ... and dressed it up a little. I found a fabulous and simple tutorial by Keesh and I think it just makes a plain CD look like a work of art. It will travel all the way to Timaru, New Zealand very well too.

What do you think? Cherry Cobbler and the gorgeous Satin Ribbon in Old Olive ... I didn't really mean to make a birthday gift in Christmas colours ... I just love these colours together, quite regal - just like my beautiful Gran. This pic doesn't show up the little pearls in the centre of the Vintage Vogue flowers - which I've inked up in Crumb Cake and Cherry Cobbler. If you have any questions please yell out :o)

Have a terrific Sunday and I'll be back with more to show and tell later.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your wrist! What a nuisance it must be, as well as painful. Hang in there! xx

  2. Well that came up a real treat didnt it P - absolutely gorgeous and I know your Gran will just love it! I'm getting Sue Bo's new CD for Tonys mum too - its soo her cup of tea!

    Luv Karen

  3. Loe the colours they go so well together and the flowers are absolutely beautiful, hope the wrist is giving you too much grief

  4. This is a lovely way to package a CD gift and better still, easy to travel. I am sure your Gran will be delighted.

    By the way, I hope your wrist ends up mending well and doesn't stop you from crafting :)

    Karen G.

  5. How stunning! I just love the colours, they go so well together :)
    You're such a creative bunny!!!!


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