Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's daylight saving and Blog Candy over at Amanda's - Stamp in Style

Happy Sunday ~

I've just realised I forgot to put the clocks forward an hour when I went off to bed last night. How annoying that I've now lost an hour. You tend not to notice it the night before but all morning I've been thinking how well I'm doing for time and that I'm nicely ahead of myself with the usual chores. It only clicked when I turned the computer on and saw the time change - oops.

I do love daylight saving though. The quality of life seems so much better when there is more daylight in the evenings. The smell of fresh cut grass, neighbourhood BBQ dinners and the generally relaxed feeling of not having to rush ...

I also forgot to tell you that not only does Amanda Reddicliffe have a gorgeous new blog look but for the month of October she's celebrating and you can win!!! Click on her gorgeous little Owl blinkie below to find out what's happening.

Hope to be back with more later :o)

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  1. Roll on beautiful days and nice warm evenings to hang out on my brand new deck!!!!! When are you coming down for a little stay????


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