Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Award :o)

Hello hello ~

Despite waking with a horrible sore throat and all the makings of some nasty lurgy I have had an excellent day with my BFF who is down from Brisbane on a flying trip. We've been in the craft room all day and managed to catch up on so much chat. She gave me some fab tips on taking decent photos too. Let's hope we see improvement from here on...

The gorgeous and super talented Danielle Daws awarded me this Bonny Blog Award a few days ago. When I read Danielle's reason for nominating my heart swelled - could I possibly inspire her in any small way? Surely not, she's waaaay good and much better than me! Thank you DD your words mean a lot!

Now I have to tell you five things about myself and forward on to five other Bonny Blogs.

1. I had a tonsillectomy two years ago - hideous recovery at my age, but has been completely worth it!
2. My grandfather Patrick named me - can you guess what I would have been called if I'd been born a boy? lol
3. I still have some gravel stuck in my right knee from a bicycle collision when I was 13 years old.
4. I love 70's music more than any other.
5. The older I get the more I fear large bodies of water - ocean, pool ... completely unjustified and no idea when it started.

In no particular order, some of my favourite blogs:

- Luv to Stamp
Christine - Happy Heart Cards
Trish - Spring Blossom Journey
Keesh - Inkspirations
Danielle - Stamping with Danielle


  1. Thank you (very belatedly) for the award, Patrice. You are a sweetheart! Hugs, Christine xx

  2. Of course you inspire me!!! :-)

    And I'm far more belated than Christine!! *blush*


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