Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pumpkin Surprise

Hi there, happy Friday ~

Yesterday I posted off a couple of little parcels to BFF and dear friend Karen - both know they're coming so no surprises really :o)

These little treasures hold lots of little crochet flowers in various designs. Both girls say they can't master crochet so I decided to make some for them. I tried to find thread colours to match some of the SU! card stock colours - whisper white, very vanilla, choc chip, basic grey, real red, melon mambo, rich's always nice to mix it up a little.

As everyone who reads my blog knows I've really been lacking inspiration lately, as such these little boxes are decorated quite minimally - but still nicer than a cello bag don't you think :o)

I used Pumpkin Pie and matching dsp, along with so saffron ribbon.

This little box uses Kraft with Bella Bleu dsp and very vanilla ribbon - both ribbons look very similar in these pics which were taken yesterday while it was dull and overcast :o)

I've not long arrived home from a physio appointment. Wow, today he did lots of manipulation and massaging of the wrist area and I got some movement that I haven't had in months - it was a rather exciting moment! He warned me that it will seize up again, but now I'm going to see him every three days I'm staying positive that it can only improve. Yay!!!


  1. OK - I promise I didn't look at those WAY CUTE and totally GORGEOUS little boxes. Nope, I was a good girl and only read what you typed! lol

    Hey I am sooooooooooo excited about your wrist P! are gonna be turning those taps off and pressing the pepper grinder thingy sooner than you think! Just awesome news!

  2. Oh my...I can't believe that you're mojo lacking, these boxes and the idea in them is fab! Good luck with your Physio..maybe it's just what your mojo is waiting for!

  3. ohhhh YAY I can't believe one of these is for me!! They are just stunning - you are one talented lady. I just don't seem to have the patience to make things like this.

  4. these!!!! Can you tell me how to make them or point me in the right direction?


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