Friday, January 7, 2011

Aussie Cards For Sale

Happy Friday evening ~

I've had a funny old day today, haven't felt very well, so have done lots of resting and snoozing and not a lot else.

Aussie Cards for Sale is a website dedicated to selling handmade greeting cards made by us Aussies! Alicia is currently looking for new designers. First gorgeous Karen did it, then beautiful BFF and now I'm feeling the pressure to throw my hat in the ring also :o)

There is a fair bit of competition already and I imagine Alicia is going to have great difficulty choosing some new designers. I'm not sure my CAS style is what she's after, but I guess you don't know if you don't give it a go. Here goes...

Alicia has asked for four cards to be showcased...

It was hard just to choose a few...


  1. You go for it Patrice, you will do great

  2. Best wishes that she chooses you Patrice. With a selection like these - no problem!

  3. OH YAY I love that Cute as a Bug one!!!!!! Good Luck sweetie

  4. These cards definitely ROCK! All the best!

  5. Wow the cards are so cute. Love your designs and the color combination too.

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  6. What a fabo selection of cards! So glad you entered your gorgeous cards too!


  7. You have rocked the design part of these cards BRILLIANTLY Patrice. for me...toss up b/w 2nd and 3rd one. What colour is the red in the VV card?? Well done darl and best of luck. ooxx


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