Monday, June 7, 2010

More Happy Mail

Hi there ~

I've actually been playing in my craft room today - I'm about to churn out 6 cards for my stash. I never seem to have many cards just sitting waiting for an emergency moment. I've decided that from now on when I create a card I'm going to make two so that one gets added to the stash.

Anyway I really came here to show you what my dear friend Karen made for me last week 'just because'. How super sweet, and very clever. And she shared the tutorial with me so stay tuned I may just give one of these a go :o)

How bright and happy is this card. I love it!

Off to organise dinner and get all my chores out of the way before Desperate Housewives! Have a good night peeps!


  1. That card is amazing!
    It looks like it would have taken a long time to create. You lucky thing!!!

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  3. I love this card and would love to make one. Would you please share the tutorial?????


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