Saturday, June 26, 2010

Installment two - not craft related

Hi and happy Saturday to you ~

Did I mention that gorgeous kid hasn't kept the smile off his face all week! He's been ripping through his homework as quick as he possibly can just to get outside and play with the billy cart. It's giving him so much fun and entertainment. It's lovely to see his little face so bright and happy.

Bit by bit he's been making it 'his' starting with a padded seat and cushion - the bruises across his back looked painful! Last weekend he painted it, with help on the tricky parts. Totally cool! Check it out...

The sun is deceptive, believe me it is not warm despite those shorts! Gorgeous kid and I are constantly arguing about wearing warmer clothes or 'at least putting a hoodie on'. Those sleeves are for my benefit only lol. He usually tells me that 'kids don't feel the cold like old people' god love him. Don't you love the flames?

Below is an action shot, not that my photography skills actually show that effectively. We live on a hill so it's perfect for billy carting by himself - not a lot of lugging and pulling to get started and he can keep going for quite some time. He painted our surname along the length (because I don't know the official name of that part - and here I was thinking I could help him build one) and I think it's now officially 'his'. Right now he's waiting for a little mate to come and pick him + cart up to head over and play at the other boy's house - they live across the valley on a hill also so I imagine they are going to have a blast today. And bonus part of that is I get time in the craft room on my own.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend wherever you are!


  1. oh now that is one cracker of a billy cart Connor and you have done a FABULOUS job of painting it and making it all spiffy! Enjoy it and have heaps of fun!

    P - those pics are beautiful! Thanks for showing me his new toy! I still cannot believe how lovely it was of that man to make it all for him!


  2. That cart is awesome! He looks so happy :)
    He is one very lucky boy.

    Those pictures would look fab on a scrap page - wink wink

  3. Wow Patrice how lucky are you guys glad I hung in for the Billy Cart story!!! What a lovely guy and an amazing billy cart to boot. There is some great Karma coming that guys way. I'm sure he loved the gift it looked fabbo.
    Not sure if you've seen the movie Pay it Forward...just felt like one of those moments.
    Gosh this is long...anyhoo enjoy and I think you should give it a go too!!!

  4. A boy and his billy cart ... this will be a fond memory (thinking of my 40 year old bro, actually!) for many years to come.

  5. That's a great cart. I also read the story about the man in the store who offered to build it. That's so nice and I'm glad such people exist and make the world a better place.


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