Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crochet Flowers

Wow another week has passed me by. At this rate I'll have no readers left :o)

I'm feeling SO uncreative at the moment - I have a million card ideas racing in and out of my head, but it's such a jumble I can't settle on one thing. So instead I've been sitting in front of the tv most evenings with my crochet hook and thread (like a little old lady). I hadn't picked up a hook for a good 25 years and wondered if I'd even remember what mum had taught me way back was like riding a bike for the most part, and I'd forgotten how quickly crochet grows, much more satisfying than knitting!

So here is my assortment of flowers, big, little, bright and white... I just need to make some cards to add them to. I'll send a little parcel up to BFF in Qld too of course :o)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


  1. These are so cute-I wish I could crochet. I am anticipating your beautiful cards to come with these lovely flowers...

  2. hi Patrice, funny how you get those days hey! That's when I write just about anything on my blog and recently took everyone on a trip down memory lane, they loved it! At least you're still being creative. I haven't picked up a hook in ages. Your flowers are delightful. Well done!

  3. OMG!!!!! You told me you were'nt clever and so now I really DO know you were fibbing!!

    I bought a crochet book (like a reallllllly basic one) and a hook to try and make those flowers and unfortuntely I have 20 fingers or something - the end result was less than pretty and looked nothing like a flower! roflol

    Yours look AWESOME P - good on you!

    Luv K

  4. oooooooooohhhhhhh I can't wait for my package to arrive in the mail!
    These look so beautiful - you can really turn your hand to anything can't you?!

  5. Clever...and so cheerful. Be sure to show and tell when you commit them to something!

  6. Patrice - how absolutley adorable!!! Ok - so I'm going to have to get someone to teach me how to crochet - what an awesome awesome idea!!! Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog...thanks so much for sharing! xxx


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