Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Addicted to Stamps - Theme Challenge #2 - Cards for Boys

Happy Wednesday ~

Over at Addicted to Stamps this week we're up to our second Theme challenge - Cards for Boys.  I'm cheating a bit this week because I've been really sick since the weekend.  I actually made this card in February this year but haven't posted it on my blog, so hope it's okay to share now even though it wasn't 'originally made for ATS'.

I've coloured up a The Greeting Farm Ian image - fairly poorly now that I look closely.  I think I was just starting to learn to use my copic markers back when I did this little guy.  I've got shadows in all the wrong places - and if I'm being honest I still have trouble working that part out.  You'd think it would be fairly straight forward right?  Hmmm not so much I'm embarrassed to say.

Anyway pop over to ATS and check out the other design team inspiration for yourself.  Hopefully you'll get a few ideas and join our challenge this week.

Other news...we had a fabulous weekend away.  Unfortunately due to very poor weather conditions our Whale Watching Cruise was cancelled.  The ocean was just too choppy.  Instead we were offered a Dolphin Watching Cruise in the Bay.  We rugged up (5 layers I think I had on) and headed out on the tour at Huskisson.  Our tour leaders were fabulous and lots of fun - they made sure we all got wet (I could have done without this bit of fun but Gorgeous Kid was in his element).

We saw some absolutely gorgeous dolphins, and one of the mum dolphins had her baby with her - so precious. They came up nice and close to the boat and gave us a show.  I'm not sure if it was getting so wet or the nasty wind but by later that day I was feeling crud.  I've gotten progressively worse since then and spent a couple of days in bed.

On a much happier note - a super dooper happy birthday to Gorgeous Kid's Godmother Sue for today.  We had a fabulous weekend.  Thank you so much for organising it and making it so special for our boy!


  1. Well, he is way cute and I think your colouring is excellent. Perfect card for a little man xx

  2. Boys cards are the hardest, but you hit this one on the mark Patrice! He is super cute. Hope you are feeling much better now ♥

  3. This is a great boys card!! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Too cute Patrice! Love the colouring :) Glad you had a fun trip away :D

  5. Great card Patrice - any boy would love to receive this. Sounds like your weekend was fabulous but a shame the whale watching was cancelled, but at lesst you got to see the dolphins. We went whale watching in Kaikura last time we were in NZ and it was magical. Hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for taking the reins at ATS while Kylie gets her intrrnet problems sorted.


    Karen x

  6. I have trouble with shadows too. I tend to put shadows on both sides of everything :) Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, Patrice. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. A lovely colourful card Patrice - perfect for a little boy. Hope you are feeling better soon - Jacqueline xx

  8. Patrice do hope you are feeling better soon, sounds like you had a fabulous time shame the whale watching was cancelled. We sometimes see dolphins when we are out sailing but have never seem them really close up it must have been magical. Gorgeous card and that cute guy is beautifully coloured you are so talented. Thanks for stepping into the breech at ATS and hope you feel much better soon.


  9. Sorry you're not well Patrice, hope you feel better soon. Was it Dolphinitis? Love your card it's such a cute image and your colouring is fine:) Well done for being head honcho this week!
    Val x

  10. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well - hope you start to feel better really soon. Seeing as you've not been feeling too clever, we'll let you off for a non ATS original! ;-p especially as it's such a cracker! Well done for sorting out the ATS blog this morning!

  11. You have bben running around a bit sweetie....Love and healing hugs being sent ur way. Love the card "bad colouring" and all. Male cards are always such a speedhump for breeze over it. ooxx

  12. Hugs to you, hope you are feeling better soon.I thought your colouring was great, you are too hard on yourself, love your card and the image is just so cute. Hugs Melxx

  13. This little guy is so cute Patrice. I'm hoping you'll give me some lessons when I get back!!

    Really do hope you've well and truly turned a corner on the lurgy. Mine seems to have plateaued for now. Hooray!

    Best wishes...


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