Thursday, June 23, 2011

Non Paper Related Craft

Hi there ~

Remember a couple of months ago I mentioned I was working on a crochet project that I'd share? Hmmm well there have been three different (but the same) crochet projects in that time lol.

A lovely lady at work had her first baby on Anzac Day. This is the blanket I made for him. It's a fairly dense stitch and extra large in size to help get through the very cold Winter we have in Canberra.

Unfortunately I had forgotten to photograph it all layed out and lovely, this is folded and about to be wrapped so just a super quick snap.


  1. It's beautiful!!!!!!! It must have taken you such a long time to make -go you clever girl :)

  2. Oh, Patrice, it's gorgeous!! What a special gift, made with lots of love. You have the patience of a saint. (I like card-making, 'cos it's near-on-instant gratification!)

  3. THis is beautiful, and a beautiful, beautiful gift to give for a baby, very clever lady!

  4. "Snap"...that is gorgeous Patrice and here l was thinking l was the only one doing "Old School" as my girls refer to it, l have just finished taking pics of the ones l made for them and was about to write my post and up popped this stunner! Not so sure l want to share now..:0)
    Hmmm....think l may need to find out the how of that gorgeous are too clever!

  5. OMG!!! This is soooo so pretty! You are so sweet to make that for her and it will definitely keep bub warm during winter!

    Luv K

  6. Well Well! you are a clever little chick aren't you!! This is so beautiful and how kind of you.
    I crochet but could never do this, it's granny squares for me! lol
    Tam x

  7. Just seeing this gorgeous blanket makes me want to break out my hooks. So beautiful and such a thoughtful gift. I bet it was really appreciated and will be kept as an heirloom.

  8. Wow there nothing you cannot do??? This is so v v speccy and will be cherished by the new mum. ooxx


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