Thursday, September 16, 2010

What else is new ... not craft related & long

Hey hey ~

I mentioned that I've been busy lately ... busy attending all sorts of appointments about my wrist and getting ready to return to work. Its been months since I told you how my wrist is going ... bottom line I guess is that it's not very good. I now know it will never be the same again. I'm still visiting the fracture clinic regularly, having x rays to check bone healing - one little bone didn't heal in the right spot so it sticks out the top of my hand now lol - they tell me it shouldn't cause any problems. The current and ongoing argument between the Dr's and me is the issue of re-breaking the bones. I say no way. I'm off for MRI scans next to see what the surrounding tissue can tell them. Let's hope there is an answer hidden away in there somewhere.

Every now and then the bones lock up momentarily - it's a strange feeling. Not pleasant either. That mainly happens when I'm driving, don't ask me why.

I go to physio every other day which sometimes hurts and other times relieves the aches and pains. I still cannot get full movement and am unable to turn taps on and off or hold a bar of soap and actually use it. The simplest of things - putting my hand out for change at the supermarket - are such a huge frustration. I have learnt how to use the salt and pepper grinders now though, amazing what little tricks you learn when you have to. There is no strength in the wrist at all anymore either so can't even use it to prop myself up to a sitting position for example. Notice I mention what I can't do, I should also tell you there are many things I can do of course - at the end of the day it's just a wrist!

There is a constant pain and while it's not excruciating it is annoying. I have some pretty serious pain killers for it but I don't like to take them regularly because they make me dopey. Takes me forever to use the keyboard these days, even hand writing is laborious and causes massive ache right up my forearm. Before this I had no appreciation for sufferers of RSI or Carpal Tunnel and similar afflictions. If you couldn't see it, then it couldn't have been that bad. OMG how naive and immature of me. I'm learning an awful lot through this experience.

Anyway this isn't a whinge, merely an update. I'm going back to work next week, initially on reduced hours and with modified duties and I'm looking forward to it. Everyone at work is being totally supportive and I have my very own rehab person to help with my little handicap. Not quite sure how I'm going to fit into my office clothes, as sitting around in trackies for six months has not done me any favours and I've gained some decent kilos. Ice cream has been such a great companion *blush*.

It's BFF's birthday soon so I've been doing a few little things to put in the post so it all gets to Brisbane on time. She was overseas this time last year so it's nice to have her in the Country and close by. She'll also be back down in Canberra on the weekend of my mum's second memorial. Those few days are difficult and it will be so lovely to have her company.

Other super exciting news is that at the end of this month I'm going to see Cold Chisel at a Wollongong pub - like the good old days. Tickets sold within a couple of hours and I'm lucky enough to have a friend chase around and make lots of phone calls to snag us tickets. Yayayayay for her! Can't wait - it's going to be a bit of a girlie road trip. What fun!

I should back up there a bit ... many of you probably don't know I've been a die hard Chisel/Jimmy Barnes fan for as long as I can remember. I try to see him wherever in the world I happen to be if he is playing in the vicinity. That equates to many many live performances over the years. I've met him in person on two occasions as well. Lucky me! It's kind of sad watching him grow older, although I guess we're all growing older right along with him and now it's great to see he's getting new generations of fans. Got to love that raspy voice of his!

Okay enough blah blah from me :o)

Next one will be a crafty post I promise! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ohhhh a Cold Chisel concert hey? A girlie road trip sounds like a lot of fun - yay for you :)


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