Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A special card

Hi there ~

A few posts ago I said I would take a pic of BFF's b'day card to me. Here it is using Melon Mambo & Certainly Celery. Pink is BFF's colour while green is mine so we tend to do most things in pinks and greens, including our craft room accessories and bits and pieces. I really like this card and can't wait to CASE it.

Have I mentioned I'm really missing crafting? Soooo much time on my hands and so little being achieved - such a waste. I'm really kind of bummed that I can't make all the little Easter treats, packaging, cards and tags that I usually do at this time of the year.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. What a gorgeous card - you lucky girl you!

    I can only imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to craft. Can you get someone to stamp you some images to colour perhaps? Or maybe that might even be a challenge depending if your left or right handed! I feel for ya P!

    Luv K

  2. Hmmm shame I'm right handed and it happens to be the one I broke! My writing and colouring skills are very similar to a 3 year olds at the moment. Not pretty for someone my age lol.


  3. Thanks for posting my card!

    I'm scratching my head to think of something crafty you can do........
    Seems we take for granted the use of our hands and fingers!!

    Perhaps you could start colouring with your toes??
    I once saw a docco where a lady had no arms so she used her legs, feet and toes instead. I watched her change her baby's nappy with her feet - Amazing!!!

  4. Oh I saw that doco too. I'm not nearly that clever though. She was amazing!


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