Saturday, March 20, 2010

Show and Tell

Seems such a long time between posts. Between my right arm being out of action, and the pain meds which knock me around and make me dopey, I find just contemplating getting on the computer exhausting.

Today is my birthday, which you probably already know if you read BFF's blog Spring Blossom Journey :o)

My lovely friend Karen sent me this gorgeous basket filled with lots of choccies and individual stamps - you'll note my photography skills are right back to basics at the moment lol, so I haven't even got a pic of all the goodies (it took unbelievable effort just to get this pic!). We all know how clever and talented Karen is - but how cute is this little treasure??? And I love the Sweet Slumber specialty dsp!

I have more 'handmade' to show you but as I'm not able to craft myself at the moment I thought I'd spread a post or two over the next few days.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. LOL - how the heck did you photograph that one handed! are wonder woman!!

    You're so welcome for the little pressie! It was made with lots of lovin!

    Luv K

  2. Oh that is soooo cute!
    Your a very lucky lady. Hope your having a great Birthday :)


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