Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi all ~

As a SU! demo I belong to a Yahoo group called ESAD (extremely special Aus/NZ demos) which is a forum that gives us the opportunity to share ideas, get excited about new products together, help and advise each other etc. They are a lovely bunch of ladies who continuously amaze me with their talent, kindness and generosity.

I received a number of cards from other stampers that I have not spoken to or met. My b'day details just popped up from the ESAD database and these lovely members took the time to create and mail a card to me. I felt very spoilt at such a kind act.

The first two I'm showing are from Kris (turquoise card) and Sherylee (kiwi card) who incidently shares the same b'day as me. Happy birthday for yesterday Sherylee! I'll post more pics tomorrow, including BFF's gorgeous creation.

Speaking of which, I have my third hospital visit tomorrow. They will be checking on how much the swelling around my wrist has reduced and making a decision on whether they go ahead with surgery or not. It will depend on whether the bones have moved much whilst I've had the temporary cast on - which I must say has been a huge pain in the butt! It's soooo heavy. Apparently the permanent cast will be much lighter because it's fibreglass (as opposed to plaster). I believe I'll have a bit more freedom and movement also which will be a good thing! Dear friends continue to assist me daily with various basic needs. Anyone who knows me knows I am fiercely independent and find it extremely difficult to ask for anything let alone help! It continues to be a humbling experience :o)


  1. Holy Dooley Miss Patrice, leave you alone for a couple of weeks and looky at what you go and do...what am I going to do with you.


  2. So glad you got some lovely cards in the post P! Nothing like happy mail......especially when your birthday was kinda turned upside down with your wrist incident! Hope all went well at the Doc today - let me know!

    Luv k


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