Thursday, March 24, 2011

So ... what is a perky nana?

Hi friends ~

Thanks to all for your wonderful birthday wishes and the extremely excellent handmade cards I have received. It's such fun going to the letter box this week because I'm still getting happy mail.

I commented on my favourite Cadbury bar in a recent post and have piqued quite a bit of interest going by the emails coming in. So today I took some pics for you...

Packaging reads banana flavoured chew bar covered with dairy milk chocolate.
I very neatly cut the bar open for you rather than biting into it :o)

You'll notice how blurry the second pic is hee hee, I didn't download it from the memory stick before demolishing the bar and of course, couldn't take another! How embarrassing.

These bars are not available in Australia! Go figure - there is a Cadbury factory in Tasmania, but no perky nanas. These are a New Zealand treat only - and treat they are, they're soooooo yummo!


  1. Looks delish!!! Will have to buy some next time I'm in Kiwi Land! ;)

  2. You're so funny, devoting a blog post to Perky Nanas!! Well, at least Pineapple Lumps are available in Australia (and Ginger Kisses - do you like those??). After seeing the first photo, I actually expected the second shot to be of the bar AFTER you'd bitten into it. Clearly you gobbled it up too quickly :)

  3. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH so tasty!!!!! You've got me drooling :)

  4. So thats what a perky Nana is, I had visions of an old lady riding a bike or go do arobics! lol
    I am with Christine...Gotta love the pineapple lumps, maybe we should call them perky pops.

  5. LOL! Thanks for the clarifcation P.......not sure I would like something Banana flavoured though! I'm more of a plain ol' mars bar type! lol


  6. What a crack up Patrice!! I read the title and my (bent) mind went to a not so nice place invilving Grannies and Red Bulls!!!! (that's the clean version...hee hee hee). Can imagine the taste wld be similar to that of a lolly banana covered in choc. Alas...I will not try either!! So glad you had a FAB day. Happy mail is good for the soul. ooxx

  7. I've seen these before and I'm pretty sure I've had one - and loved it...but I've never been to NZ????

  8. I love these too Patrice, no surprise since I also love banana lollies! Thankfully a few places in Perth sell these that I have seen (usually lolly shops that stock imported goodies).


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