Sunday, March 20, 2011

A blog Award

Good Sunday morning ~

I was recently honoured to receive the Stylish Blog Award from my beautiful and extremely talented blogging friend, Christine Blain.

I believe I have to share 8 facts about myself, and pass the Award on to some of my favourite bloggers. Goodness me that is a difficult task because there are so many blogs I thoroughly enjoy and check out all the time. I get inspiration from so many of you.

I'm going to follow Christine's facts because in fact, a lot of mine mirrored hers and I found that interesting at the time of reading :o)

1. I moved (on my own) from New Zealand to Australia 20+ years ago. I miss family and friends dreadfully, and to be honest hadn't thought about hedgehogs in quite some time - but yes I miss them. Quite cute if they're not splattered in the middle of the road. What I miss absolutely most of all though are Perky Nanas - you kiwis know what I'm talking about!

2. I too am VERY particular about the way a roll of toilet paper is hung on its holder, and have been known to change it to my own preference when visiting other loos lol.

3. Ditto to hating snakes and not being good with heights. Not fond of spiders, or needles, or dentists either to be quite honest.

4. Let's not even discuss pain relief during child birth! Suffice to say I could have done with it A LOT sooner than I got it.

5. Even number of female to male ratio in my household.

6. My compulsive tendencies pale in significance to most of the reality shows on tv. I no longer worry about any of mine at all!

7. My absolute most favourite time of year is Spring. I don't suffer hayfever so I am super lucky and get to enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass on a daylight saving evening, and I love to smell all the beautiful blooms and blossoms. I feel alive and full of energy during Spring.

8. My natural hair colour is mousy brown (well as I remember it at least) with an awful lot of gray these days. I don't care what colour my hairdresser uses so long as it covers those grays!

Okay so I'm passing this fabulous little Award along to the gorgeous women below. Go check out their blogs and leave them some comment love. They all deserve it.

Trish - BFF


  1. Okay, you've piqued my interest... what are Perky Nanas?? I'm with you on the toilet paper thing. It simply must go the right way or it just plain unsettling!! Check out this site for the next time you're bored...

  2. Hi again Patrice! Thank you so much for becoming a follower! I was at 199 last night...don't know what happened! LOL!!! Loved reading your tidbits...esecially about hedgehogs! LOL! Congrats on your award! I am off to become your follower! :)
    Have a grand day!

  3. Thanks for the award - very exciting :)

    I think you have gotten me hooked on Perky Nanas!!!!

  4. Thanks so much our timing is weird...ain't it??? I hope you have a fun and FAB day with regards to that other matter you elluded to....hee hee hee.....lotsa luv n hugs. ooxx

  5. Oh, I laughed when I read this post; you're such a darling. I tried not to think about the hedgehogs that had been run over! I, too, am not averse to 'fixing' toilet rolls in other people's toilets!!! Pinkies and Chocolate Fish were more my thing :)
    Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, gorgeous girl!!!! xxxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Patrice! I hope you have had a lovely relaxing day.

    Best wishes,
    PS what is a perky nana? Sounds a bit suss if you ask me!


    And ok - I'll bite - "What's a Perky Nana?"

  8. Thank you soooo much I feel very honoured to accept this award!!!
    Was it your Birthday today!! you sneaky thing...
    Happy Birthday! with many happy returns for the year to follow.
    Now you are going to have to spill the beans on perky nana's you know lol

  9. LOL Perky Nannas? Hmmmmm sounds like droopy boobs on an elderly person, that now stand straight and tall! Please Explain? roflol



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