Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Stylish Blog Award

Hi lovely people ~

Last week Kez gave me this gorgeous little blog award! Thanks Kerry :o)

I've been procrastinating over posting it because to come up with eight relatively interesting things to share about myself isn't as easy as you may think lol.

So the rules are:
* that I thank and link to the person who passed the Award my way ... done;
* share eight things about myself ... not so easy;
* pass it on to eight others; and
* let them know about the award.

Okay here we go:
1. I start many more crafty projects than I actually complete
2. I really really really wish I could learn to watercolour better
3. I don't enjoy cooking, despite being not too bad at it
4. I am a neat freak, everything has its place and I hate clutter
5. I love theatre/stage shows of any description
6. Coke is my biggest addiction, followed very closely by chocolate and all things sweet
7. I always prided myself on being super organised and always on time ... as I get older ... hmmmm not so much
8. I gave up smoking last May and have gained quite a bit of weight since - perhaps the ice cream that has become a daily staple since, hmmmmm. This year I need to get it off and fit my clothes again!

Now for eight blogs I enjoy visiting, in no particular order:
1. Trish
2. Tania
3. Rachel
4. Leonie
5. Karen G
6. Bron
7. Sam
8. Paula

Go check them out, they're all wonderful ladies with lots of great creations to inspire you.

Half of Australia returned to work today after the Christmas break, so I hope you're all enjoying your day. May it be a short one! I'll be back later with a couple of challenge cards to show :o)


  1. That is very sweet and thoughtful, Patrice. I certainly appreciate it, although I'm not so good at passing them on!! .. too many wonderful blogs it would take me forever to decide.

  2. Patrice - Thank you! It is nice to know someone likes my blog!! As I do yours, of course!!!!

  3. WOW thank you! Patrice. I am blown away that I have been given an award. I will try my best to pass it on but it's always so hard to pick 8 blogs as there's too many fantastic ones out there....

  4. Thanks for the award chicky! Feels good! Does it mean I have to give you one back? hahahaha only joking! Ur bloggy deserves 10 awards!

  5. So fun to find out new and unknown things abt you Patrice. I am a Theatre/stage too. Easy gift for me that no-one seems to think of...LOL!!! So very glad that kez passed it onto you....incredibly well deserved. ooxx


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