Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby cards

Hi & happy Saturday to you all ~

A strange one here today, hot and sunny all morning and then dark clouds, lots of thunder, trickle of rain, then nothing for a few hours, and now thunder and lightening....Lilli (the four legged fluff ball) is going crazy.

The husband of a dear friend of mine is in the baby business. Hmmm that doesn't sound quite right ... he sells baby furniture and supplies throughout a good portion of Australia and NZ, with the primary focus being in Qld. As we all know Qld has had a hammering from mother nature over the past month or so, and he wants to add an extra touch and personalise his visits with clients a little more than usual. So he's asked me to put together some cards, and a few token gifts he can give. I have some cards to show you, but not the gifts - yet!

Inspired by the wonderfully talented Kerry over at KB Papercraft I've come up with these:

Each card has the embellishment 'popped' up, is stamped on the inside and of course has its own matching stamped envelope. I've used an assortment of stamp sets, punches and dsps. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.


  1. WOW how exciting for you! I bet the people who receive these will be soooo impressed. Love the colours you have used :)

  2. What a lovely idea!! Your cards are just perfect, love them all.

    Karen G.

  3. These are great Patrice! I like this simple layout - the colours and stamps speak for themselves. I haven't made any Baby cards for sometime - but love this look. Will have to sit down and knock of a few myself now :-)

  4. They are all lovely Patrice, the design and colours are perfect. It was a funny day but I got my washing dry and the garden got some rain - so all good :)

  5. Wow!!! Thats a total honour to be asked to do that! All your cards are beautiful!


  6. These are very sweet. What a lovely idea.

  7. WOW these are so cool Patrice! So nice that they are going to be that something little extra to make someone smile! Good on you!

  8. Gorgeous cards Patrice, I love them all. And how wonderful to think they'll be cheering up people who so badly need it. TFS

  9. I love these so much Patrice. paula is right in that the layout is so simple....the card can definitely speak up for itself. I saw Kez's original card that u based theseon...and you have done very well. Awesome job and a perfect tonic for thse in QLD.


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