Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A good old whinge - and an update

Gee it's been well over a week since I was last here. It's mainly because my wrist has been giving me a bit of grief so I've stayed away from crafting, keyboards and all things likely to put a strain on it.

I had a hospital check up yesterday - 4 weeks since having the cast put on. Talk about a joke, they were running 2 hours behind time, the reception staff were packed up and heading home, so by the time I was taken through my specialist had disappeared off to do surgery and I ended up with some old timer with the shakes, who had no clue who I was and honestly just appeared to want to go home for dinner. He thought I'd had my x rays, told him I hadn't. He thought I'd had my cast on for 6 weeks, when it hasn't even been broken for 6 weeks! Then he ignored all the paperwork and had the cast removed!!!

I was in tears. You can see bones protruding and he suggested it was 'swelling' when I questioned it. There is some kind of support wrap on my wrist now with a metal rod running through it - can I just say it is NOT supporting anything and I can feel loose bones rattling around on their own. The old timer Dr told me to go home and do some housework!!! I briefly spoke to a different Dr on my way out and told him I wasn't sure all of this was right and what should I do....my main concern being the long term effect taking the cast off too early will have on my overall recovery and future use of my hand.

So this afternoon I saw my own GP. Thank goodness someone knows what they're doing! I am having my wrist re-cast first thing tomorrow morning - not that I loved being in the cast, it had lots of down sides, but after 24 hours without it so far I'm looking forward to having the support back on my wrist. Then the xrays will be done and I should get to see my own specialist! What a drama. How unfair it is that I should have to question the actions of a qualified Dr.

Whinge whinge, thanks for reading my ramblings :o) hopefully I'll have something crafty to show you again soon.


  1. Holy Cow Treesie.........that is just shocking!!! Silly ol' timer - what the heck was he thinking!!! That would have been terrible enough to see bones petruding but to tell you to go and do some housework - I would have knocked the old coot to the floor - HOW RUDE!!!

    Take card chicki and keep your chin up!



  2. Glad to know you're back in safe hands again. Don't get me started on Medical incompetence...


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