Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A special card for a special friend!

Happy Tuesday ~

I survived Brisbane! It was really really busy getting ready for Trishie's big birthday party. We had some running around to do - not quick by any means in a large city full of traffic, there was lots of fun stuff to prep and the end result was totally worth it. Trish had a wonderful party with lots of fabulous friends who went to great efforts with their costumes (it was dress up).

This is the card I made for her! Those numbers are glistening with Champagne shimmer mist...of course!

Back to Brisbane...we enjoyed dinner in China Town, wandered at Ikea for ages, shopped and picked up a few items from Esprit, ate ice cream (it's one of our favourite things to do), did the tourist drive thing around various suburbs checking out the old renovated Queenslander homes, took a walk at Wellington Point, had a drink at the Powerhouse...lots of fun. It's so great to see people outdoors enjoying life. It's not quite the same here in Canberra where it is still fairly cool.

The weather was divine, although I found Saturday a bit hot after running around all afternoon hanging decorations and moving furniture around the yard. The party started at 4pm, but I had to wait for the sun to go down before changing into my costume. It was funny a bit later in the evening when some of the locals were complaining of being cold - it so was NOT cold for me.

It's never fun to say goodbye but there really is nothing like your own bed! I've slept and slept and slept since arriving home yesterday. It was back to work today and back to normal routine for Gorgeous Kid.


  1. I can never thank you enough for all your help getting everything ready for the party. It wouldn't have happened so smoothly with out you.

    The card you made me is divine and is the most stunning card I've ever seen!! You totally spoiled me :)

    I love you lots (more than you know)

  2. Ohhhhh, now we just need to see some photo's x

  3. Oh Patrice, this is so totally gorgeous. No wonder Trish loved it. Glad you had such a great time.

  4. Sounds like you had the most perfectly wonderful time - I'm so jealous! I miss my friends. But so glad you had a fab time and you got to enjoy some warm weather!

  5. What a beautiful card, and glad you got to thaw out for a bit lol, sounds like a great time!


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