Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh my goodness, it's been a long while...

Hi ho blog friends ~

It's late on Tuesday night and I have finally taken a few pics of all the cards I've been making recently. Talk about completely slack! Can you tell I'm missing Winners and Losers already? I no longer have a Tuesday night fix *insert very sad face*.

With Father's Day here in Australia this weekend I thought it good timing to show you this one first. Look familiar? It should. The supremely talented Paula Dobson, a fellow JAI team member made this card and I loved it so much I told her I was CASEing it. It's totally blokey and just perfect for Father's Day I think - I've put an appropriate sentiment on the inside of course.

Thanks for the inspiration Paula, I love it!


  1. Oh Patrice, I love it with the motorbike! I am going to CASE your CASE, lol. Haven't inked that stamp enough ♥

  2. Gorgeous Patrice, it has given me afew ideas too, with Father's Day looming and I have done nothing.

  3. Patrice this card is a fab Father's day card!!!

    ps your photograph looks great :)

  4. Very Blokey, I love it!! Perfect for Fathers day.
    Tam x

  5. Great card Paula...I missed this bike and am cursing myself for it....blokey ones (and good ones at that) are so hard to find!!!
    I too was at a v v loose end last night with no W & L....somehow seeing Top Gear didn't really do it for me!!! Man I hope it comes back soon. I am not into Rafter's either....desp times on Tues me thingst...LOL!!! ooxx

  6. Just gorgeous Patrice, and perfect for any man, great job, Melx

  7. Oh yes ... totally masculine and totally fabulous ... may just have to add this one the the CASE file!!!


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