Monday, April 4, 2011

Look what I've been up to, my wrist saga ... & template links

Hi folks ~

I got myself a nice new shiny toy on Friday...loving it!

It's taken me all weekend to transfer my pics and docs and I'm still getting used to using it. If I owe you an email I hope to get to it soon, having trouble with multiples at the moment so I've been flicking between old lappy and new lappy.

I keep meaning to update those of you interested in my wrist saga ... it continues. I had two appointments at the hospital during March, one being a meeting with my surgeon. I've completed all my admission forms and they tell me I should be having my surgery within two months (hmmmm as a public patient I won't hold my breath). In the meantime I have to wear a new splint that is designed to 'tilt' some of my wrist bones back up a bit, they've healed on an angle. I was measured up and received a phone call today advising that it's ready and I have to be back at the hospital on Wednesday morning for a fitting. It's going to be a joy to wear - NOT! Have to increase my physio appointments too between now and surgery. I'm really hoping that this will all be over and done with at some point soon, it's been nothing but trouble since I broke it and I've almost forgotten what it's like to be able to use my wrist fully and have a pain free day. Now and then I have to dope myself silly on the drugs they give me, which is not conducive to getting out of bed and getting myself to work!

Following my last two posts, I've had lots of requests to share the templates I used to create the scallop top note bag and no adhesive bag/box. I did link to the bag when I posted my very first share, however, neglected to do so again. Here they are:

Purse & Bag/box

Enjoy and if you have any queries give me a shout and I'll be happy to help.


  1. YAY for a new laptop!!! It looks so pretty :)

  2. Ooh, your new laptop looks BEAUTIFUL! Is it white or silver? Have been wondering how your wrist has been, so thanks for the update. It's a long road ahead, but you're going in the right direction (is that at all comforting?!). Hang in there, love!

  3. Oooo new laptop - jealous as!!! ;)

  4. Whos the lucky girl with a new LT!!! looks fabo.
    Hope your wrists don't cause you too much more grief.
    Thanks for sharing templates.

  5. Patrice thankyou so much for the links to the bag-box. I can't wait to whip these up on the school holidays. Hoping your wrist is back in working order real soon! TFS Cheers Donna Zammit

  6. Hi P!

    How exciting you got a new lappie. You won't know yourself now!

    Hope that darn wrist of yours gets better soon! It must be so frustrating at times for you!

    Talk soon


  7. Hey Patrice

    Thanks ... it's great to be back. Looking forward to playing along with some challenges!!!
    Enjoy your new lappie and keep well!!!

  8. Hey sorry to hear that the wrist is still playing up....let's hope all the grunt is worth it. Thanks for those links...will suss out.

  9. Very swish looking new toy Patrice. Have fun with it you lucky girl!

    Hope the wrist is not too sore....does it hurt more in the cold? Hope not.

    Have a lovely day,

  10. Hi Patrice,
    Love the new toy! It is so shiny!! Sorry to hear about your wrist! How awful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such sweet comments! I appreciate them!


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