Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunny Box Treats

ETA - Big woops...I wrote this post a week ago and totally forgot to take the pics and add them. It went live and I have been caught out. How completely slack of me. So sorry!

How cute are these two...

And check out the little fluffy bunny tails. Actually there's a bit of a story as to how these tails came to be...I'll give you the short version. Think hills, 10 year old boys, bikes, scooters, fun ... MASSIVE STACK, ouch!!!

Meantime I had been at my craft desk thinking that 'it would be really good if I had some coloured cotton wool balls ... but I'm not going to the supermarket just for that so I'll be using plain white'.

Fast forward to needing the first aid kit (for some seriously beat up, tyre and gravel burnt legs) and guess what I found ... you got it, a nice little zip lock bag of coloured cotton wool balls. Perfect. Not sure Gorgeous Kid would agree if I told him that his accident allowed me to 'find' the cute little bunny tails.

These bunnies have a 'belly box' full of eggs in a cello bag for a couple of sweet little people. As I'm running completely late, by the time they receive these all the other eggs will be long gone and this will be a lovely little 'eggstra' surprise.

The design and box measurements can be found here.

A belated Happy Easter to you all. I hope you're enjoying the Easter/Anzac Day long weekend, I certainly am.


  1. Tag ur it!!! LOL!! Ummm...there are no pics in this post that right??? Otherwise I wld love to check out the cuteness of the 2!! It's amazing when and where you find what you need. Yes GK had to come assunder...but you found what you needed!! ooxx

  2. LOL...I read it the first time (sans pics) and thought Blogger must have been having a technical malfunction! If you'd just said that, we'd never have known it was you ;-).

    These are waaaaay cute Patrice, especially their colourful bunny tails. How funny to have coloured cotton wool in a First Aid kit. They must have been having fun filling them that day.


  3. These are far too cute Patrice, love the little bows too.

  4. So so cute .... just adorable!!!

  5. You did such a great job these bunnies look super cute!! Hope C's bruises and scrapes are healing up.

  6. OMG these are SO so so cute! I wish I had made these insteaed of our Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket- made from REAL milk carton!!! lol

  7. This are CAUTE! Just adorable to the core! Happy to be a new follower!


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