Thursday, October 21, 2010

RAK - from Karen

Gee whizz, it seems I'm rarely here lately and only pop in to post my JAI creations. Must remedy that! Believe it or not I have been crafting - lots. I've been so busy with everything else life throws at us that I've not had the time to photograph before getting cards and bits off to their new owners.

I got home from work today to find a big box of crafty goodness waiting for me. Yay for new stuff! And guess what else I found? A gorgeous RAK from my beautiful and very talented friend Karen Thomas. You'll recognise this card as one of Karen's JAI entries (Just Add Blue - in recognition of Anxiety and Depression Awareness month) and you may remember there was an add-on challenge - to send your creation to someone 'just because'. How sweet that I received this beautiful card to add to my collection of very beautiful cards from very talented friends.

Here is a little more eye candy from Karen - I received this one weeks ago and unfortunately I've managed to massacre it a little with my non existent photography skills - the dsp is pink! Here I've made it look washed out and pale. I'm just not getting much better at taking photos no matter how much coaching BFF gives me *sigh*

There is more, but I will stretch them out so you can come back again soon :o)

Watch out for my JAI#40 card tomorrow!


  1. Both cards a so beautiful. Love the owl and his little eyeballs!!! hehe so cute!!! Karens flower is awesome too! Love the baroque!

  2. You're so welcome P!

    It's always so nice to be abel to brighten someones day just by sending a card!

    Luv Karen

  3. Lucky thing, they're both gorgeous!


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