Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's been a very long time...

...between posts.

Hello, hello, is anybody out there?  A friend reminded me today just how long it's been since I've been here and posted, so here I am with a card I put together some months ago now!

I've had a whirlwind couple of months, life has been extremely hectic, and good at the same time.  I haven't had time for crafting or reading books, or doing a lot of the things I used to.  I'm going to try and remedy that in the coming weeks and months and MAKE some time.

The sad news is that I had to make the decision to step down from the two design teams I was on.  I felt I was over committed personally, and I really didn't want to let any of the lovely girls on each of the teams down.  I had an awesome time with the Just Add Ink girls over the past few years, and they really are like family to me.  I'm fortunate enough to have met most of them in person and I know they're all just a text or email away should I ever need them.  I'll see you all soon I'm sure.

Kylie over at Addicted to CAS has become a friend, and lucky for me she has her own family in Canberra so gets down (from sunny Qld) to visit from time to time so I know I'll be seeing more of her.  I'll miss each of the lovely ladies from around the world that became friends too - although I'll get back to blog hopping soon enough and visit you that way ;)

Other news is that I spent a four day weekend up in Brisbane last week.  Beautiful BFF Trishie married her prince.  It was a lovely garden wedding, small and very intimate with just family and close friends.  Gorgeous Kid had a wonderful time dancing with all the ladies - I was so impressed with his confidence.  He was well and truly in his element and the life of the dance floor until I took him home to bed!  Sadly believe it or not I did not take any photos.  There were a ton of cameras snapping away though so I'm sure there will be piccies galore when Trishie returns from her honeymoon.  Must also share...there wasn't a dry eye that afternoon.

That's it for this evening.  I really do hope to be back again soon with something to share.


  1. Welcome back to bloggy land!!
    Love the background embossing you've used here :)

    It was so amazing to see you (it's been far to long) and I'm so glad that you all could make it up for the wedding. We can't thank you enough for being there xox

  2. Oh, Patrice what a wonderful sight to see a card of yours appear on my blog roll. I have missed you so much. You were such an awesome DT member over at ATCAS and you will sorely be missed. The girls have all expressed their love and thoughts to be sent your way.

    Only 11 more weeks until I am down in Canberra. It's going to be bloody cold for me so I expect the kettle to be boiled so we can either have a cup of tea or fill up the hot water bottles to keep us warm!!! lol.

    Anyway, my friend, I cannot wait to see you and we can have the best catch up ever.

    Take care xxxxxx

  3. Your card is TRUELY beautiful P! I've missed you blogging but I TOTALLY understand about being busy!
    Hope you get some lovely crafting time in soon!


  4. We are going to so miss you on JAI, so don't be a stranger and pop by the blog now and again to join in the challenges and/or to just say hi! Wish I had had the opportunity to meet you in person, maybe one day. All the best for the future Patrice. xxx

  5. YAY she's back!!! I was hoping you were OK. You will be missed on your DTs but hopefully that leaves you time to participate and do your own thing which I love seeing.

    And a signature card for your return.

  6. Hey gorgeous, lovely to hear life is going well for you, albeit busy..:0) I will miss your smiley pic popping up on JAI, but life goes on and no doubt we will catch up along the way.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Trishie's wedding pics and hopefully a glimpse of GK in action.
    As you say we are only a keypad away, talk to you soon.
    Hug's xxx


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