Saturday, February 4, 2012

The 'Opposite' Card - A Valentine

Oooops I'm here a little bit later than I planned to be today. Gorgeous Kid and I have just arrived home from dinner with friends at Hog's Breath - yum!

I mentioned in my previous post to pop back and see my 'opposite' card. Well here it is ... red on white this time. I love these little felt flowers.

Which do you prefer?


  1. Hi Patrice!

    I think both cards are gorgeous, but my personal fav is the white with red roses.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  2. OOOOH to hard to pick, both beautiful! but if I had too, I would say the white with red roses.
    Tam x

  3. WOWSIERS!! This card is so pretty!
    I think I like white one the best... although they are both very sweet.

  4. Tough call Patrice...way to put the pressure on ur commenters....LOL!!! the white is crisp and clean, but the red is warm with the wow of the white roses. I am gunna get splinters and sit on the fence!!! Both are magical. ooxx

  5. This card is gorgeous, love the stark white with that simple splash of red, looks very elegant, and beautiful xx

  6. Ooh, I love both versions of this card Patrice ... the white is so very elegant, classic and chic, the red is warm and inspires spontaneity ... seeing both of these, I think they would make a fabulous gift in a range of colours! And, those felt flowers, the are TDF!!!

  7. They are both really lovely Patrice, very striking with the red flowers, they really pop. This one definately catches the eye!

  8. I am new to this site, but I just had to comment! I love the White with red roses! Very loevely!


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