Thursday, August 5, 2010

This one's for the bin

Happy Thursday Morning ~

Most of us probably don't share what ends up on the craft room floor...I thought I'd share one of my 'duds' with you today. I have absolutely NO idea what I was trying to achieve here. There was no plan - other than the misc dsp scrap which fit perfectly on the c/s. That was it. I pulled out a Bella and coloured her with Prismas to coordinate with the dsp. Then it all started going wrong...which tends to happen when you start by sticking the dsp down first!!! Big mistake...but I really wanted to use the such I'm not happy with it and I'm going to trash it unless I can think of how I may salvage...
I've got something cute to share later but right now I'm off to the Canberra Quilt & Craft Fair, hoping to beat the weekend crowds! Enjoy your day :o)


  1. It's very cute!!! Don't bin it!

    Ohhh very jealous that you are going to the craft fair - have fun :)

  2. Mornin' Gorgeous!

    Um, if you throw this in the bin I'll slap ya silly! roflol I think its a really cute card P! That DSP is gorgeous and Bella....well you just coloured her so nicely with those prismas!!

    Keep in in your stash - honestly its a lovely card~!

    Have fun at the craft fair!


  3. Patrice I wouldn't bin it! It may not be what you had in mind or what you normally like but I don't see anything wrong with it! Everyone has different tastes and styles and I am sure someone would be very happy to receive this card.


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