Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first Blog Award :o)

Wow, look what I got! My lovely and very talented friend Keesh has given me a beautiful blogger award. For those of us that blog it is such a nice feeling to receive comments and know that people out there are reading and taking an interest in what we do. An award is a little extra special encouragement I think :o) So thank you Keeshie, I love it!

The rules that go with this award are to tell you 10 things about myself and pass it on to 10 more beautiful bloggers who inspire me.

1. I don't drink tea or coffee - never have.
2. My all time favourite food is raspberries.
3. I am terrified of birds - anything that flaps around in mid-air really.
4. I can't get through my day without a can of coke - must be a can, plastic bottles don't taste the same.
5. I'm a closet Home & Away fan ... sad I know.
6. I am a huge book worm and make time to read every single day.
7. I have a thing for shoes and a rather large collection, closely followed by handbags.
8. I am a fantastic list maker followed by procrastinator - I figure if I get it on paper I'm halfway there.
9. I seem to start many more projects than I finish - I have cross stitch, paints and all sorts of crafty things that have been waiting many years to be completed - goes hand in hand with number 8 I think lol.
10. Yesterday marked 20 years in Australia for me. I came across as a fresh faced 21yo after growing up in Christchurch, New Zealand where most of my family still is.

Since this award has been doing the rounds of late, lots of the blogs I read have already received it, so I'm going to pass it a little further...

1. Trishie
2. Evonne
3. Paula
4. Sharon
5. Glen
6. Sherry
7. Michelle
8. Renee
9. Tui


  1. Oh my word - this is a total, but lovely surprise Patrice - i feel honoured to receive... thank you so much for thinking about me!!! Blown away really - and stuck for words (not like me!!!)

    Thank you and big hugs - I will out it on my blog as soon as I can - I received one a week or so ago and haven't blogged about that yet so will add to the draft post before I publish.

    Paula x x x

  2. Hi Patrice, what a lovely surprise!! Thanks so much for honouring me with this lovely Award. I so enjoy your visits and visiting your blog. It was nice reading your list, got to know you a bit better. Will put my thinking cap on for mine, so do pop around later to read... thanks once again, I really appreciate it. Tons of huggies, Sharon xxx

  3. Owww thanks beautiful!!!

    What an honour to receive. Thanks for sharing all those lovely little bits about your self (although I think I know most, if not all of them!)

  4. Thank you so much hon . Hugs pam xx

  5. Oh what fun reading your top 10 things Patrice! So glad to pass on the blog award love you deserve it :) Love Keesh x

  6. WOW! Thank you so much for choosing me Patrice and for the blog award. It's my first - EVER, so I am thrilled and honored. Now. What do I do with it? LOL. Put it on my sidebar? I will need to take a bit to think of 10 things about me and 10 peeps to share the blog with, so please be patient. I will post very soon. *Ü* ~Glen~


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