Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Something to Share

Well all that excitement didn't last long did it? To be honest I've been itching to get back here, however, I've been fiddling around trying to get sidebar things sorted. I wasn't having much success until BFF came to the rescue today and made me some very simple notes. Amazing, once I had the right info it all fell into place in just a few minutes.

I'm going to try and add a couple of pics I've just taken, so you can see that I do manage to create every now and then lol. Now I haven't figured out how to 'pretty my pics up' yet, these are just point and snap so the quality may not be too good. BFF is a keen photographer and is going to share a few tips with me. So hopefully in time you'll see great improvement on my blog.

The first is a gift card holder. I've finished it off with a gorgeous little button bow, which Danielle Daws demonstrates on her blog here.

View when opened up to reveal contents

And a couple of Bookmarks, again using a technique Danielle showed us using crystal effects and re-inkers. The bookmarks are just a little something I'm going to be adding to a gift package I'm putting together for some friends. We're heading off on our own craft retreat in a few weeks, will be my very first, although the others are seasoned retreaters!

Here I think you can see the crystal effects better.

Now for the grand new signature :o)


  1. Looking good!
    I really like the 'lil bookmarks u are making,Oh I cant wait for our weekend away! lol...

  2. Hey there Patrice! So glad you've made this blog.........your work is far too lovely to not have it on display for the world to see! Congrats babe!


  3. OHHH I love the book marks!!

    I totally agree with Karen - you do the most amazing work.
    You have no idea how much you inspire me :)

  4. Ooooh! I love those giant paperclips! The colours match your work perfectly!

  5. Hey I love these!!!! I bought 6 little tins with a billion paper clips in them so maybe I can make these and give them away FREE with my eggs or something! hahah!!!

  6. Where did you get your paper clips missy?


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